Welcome To Taylor Canyon

    Taylor Canyon Elementary is a magnet school for accelerated students in the Weber County area.  It is also a neighborhood school for the boundary area.

    Taylor Canyon is a school of Excellence using the 8 Keys of Excellence program.  This program helps students and teachers focus on 8 values that everyone uses in their daily routine of life.  The 8 Keys are Integrity (values and behavior), Failure Leads to Success (the sweet smell of success), Speak with Good Purpose (kind with our words), This is It! (chin up for a good attitude), Commitment (hard work is hard), Ownership (own what is within you), Flexibility (go with the flow), and Balance (keep it even).  We have had great success in helping students with examples of people in history who have shown success in the values.

    Our school has many activities that students have access to after school.  Our school is the reigning STEM League champions for 5th and 6th grade students.  STEM afterschool programs are available to any 5th or 6th grade student who would like to participate.  3rd and 4th grade students also have an opportunity to attend a STEM after school club.  Our other clubs are Garden club, Chess club, Lego club, Art club, STEM Olympiad, and our Theatre program sponsored by the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program and our Ogden School District Foundation.  Teachers also provide tutoring for students wanting or needing extra help in Language Arts and Math.

    The accelerated students attend the Advanced Learning Academy within Taylor Canyon Elementary.  The Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) extends the curriculum based on student ability.  The Academy has a performance choir for 1st-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade.  These choirs perform at various venues throughout the city as well as at our school.  The 1st & 2nd grade group puts on a Holiday play in December each year. The 6th grade puts on a Shakespeare play at the end of the year, supported by the Theatre club for a dinner theatre. Extra field trips are extended to the Academy through the Parent Committee. Parents make a donation to the program to help pay for the extra activities.

    Taylor Canyon Elementary is home of the Timberwolves.  Our school rules are Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe.  We have a Code of the Pack to follow and we chant our HOWL (Honesty is our choice, Obedience to the Code of the Pack, Work for excellence, Love of learning for our future.) each morning.  Sixth grade students are involved in our Taylor Canyon Telecast each morning and participate as Peer Leaders for the school.


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