New Bridge School has received the Platinum STEM School Designation

Updated on 2017-05-11

New Bridge School has received the Platinum STEM School Designation by the Utah Board of Education (USBE). The Utah STEM Schools Designation program helps define and standardize the elements that create a comprehensive STEM learning environment.

Shawnee Robinson, STEM instructional coach at New Bridge, said the designation spotlights the shifts being made in education that align with the needs of the Utah community. "This shows we are preparing our students in STEM related fields, using 21st Century Skills, and we are establishing a process that allows a central focus for conversations around STEM education," she said.

The application included 10 dimensions of STEM each with outlined elements (for a total of 37 elements for the entire application). Each element required a written narrative explaining how New Bridge was meeting the element and up to 10 artifacts to support the element. The team them self-scored the school on the provided rubric.

Roger Snow, STEM curriculum coordinator at Ogden School District, said the process completed provided the team with an opportunity to ensure the vision originally set for New Bridge was being followed and provided an authentic learning experience for students.

"It is extremely gratifying to receive confirmation, from an outside authority, that the innovative practices we have been developing since the inception of the school, match the vision of high-quality, high-impact STEM education practices," Snow said. "It is a testament to the hard work of the teachers at New Bridge, and confirmation that when parents, community and industry partners collaborate with educators, we can create an exemplar of these innovative learning opportunities that merit nation-wide recognition."

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