General Information

At James Madison Elementary, teachers and staff members go the extra mile to create a vison of success that matters - supported by parents who want the best for their children.  Top quality instruction by dedicated teachers focused on providing academic success for students is supported by enrichment activities such as performing arts and a drama production every year.  An onsite art and music program along with STEM and science enrichment programs after school engage students.  James Madison Elementary is a safe and supportive place, where children come and learn every day to achieve their goals.  Support from after school programs and school clubs and activities builds confidence in each student for success. 

Mission Statement of James Madison Elementary School

    Be our best, Do our best: Every minute… Every day 

James Madison Elementary School Vision Statement

James Madison will be an exemplar school built upon a diverse integration of faculty, students and parents and community that will achieve academic excellence.

Core Values:

School-wide excellence in academics, attendance, and behavior

Impassioned teaching and learning.

Active learning for staff and students.

Collaboration and teamwork.

Respect for diverse people and perspectives

Personal social responsibility.

High ethical standards.

Learning Goals…


At least 50-60% proficiency in Language Arts, Math, and Science for all groups and subgroups of students in grades 3-6

Persistence and self efficacy

Critical, creative, and reflective thinking.

Leadership collaboration, and teamwork.

Effective communication, writing, and technology skills.

A keen focus on higher education and career opportunities.

Compassion for others and a sence of responsibility to family and the community.